Dr Jordi Dalmau i Carre. MD


To have a consultation with Dr Dalmau please follow the following procedure:

  1. Complete the online consultation form describing your condition.
  2. Once your application is received you will be contacted by the doctor’s office if the doctor is able to assist you.
  3. In order to make an appointment, make payment for the consultation.
  4. Arrange a time and date to speak to the doctor.
  5. Speak to the doctor by telephone or Skype video or audio.


  • Medicines: medicines are charged separately and can be shipped anywhere in the world.
  • Times: Dr Dalmau is available between 09:00h and 17:00h, GMT: +2:00  Monday to Friday.

Preliminary Consultation Form

The initial assesment only requires a general and chronological description of your complaints and previous treatments received.
Once we have assessed your situation and if we can help you further, you will be contacted and provided with a more detailed form to fill out by providing a thorough patient history and description.

Your Full Name*

Your Email Address*

Your Telephone Number*

Your Profession

Your Gender *

Your Age *

Your Date of Birth *

Describe your ailment. Please mention the dosage of any current medication that you may be on, including vitamins and other nutrients. Also any medical reports, blood tests, scans, etc. that are related to this condition.